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About Us

We signed a contract to build our dream home and had to sell existing home in order to secure the new home mortgage loan. We listed, sold and closed on the sale of our home with 3-4 months until our new home construction would be completed. We thought we would move our belongings to storage and find a furnished home to stay in until our new home was ready.  

That's where our dream became a nightmare! Why wasn't there one site we could search on our laptop that we could input our search parameters, peruse, find and complete a booking rental agreement for the time we needed. 

We set out to create such a site and are pleased to introduce:

Tweener Homes-The Home you need when you're in between!

You can search area with property description and detail, pictures, sign leasing agreements and make online secure payments via the tenant portal. Efficient, fast and you conduct search from comfort of your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.