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In 2008, we moved from the cold, dreary, snowy Chicago winters to Phoenix AZ, with over 300 days a year of sunshine and warmth. Six years after our first AZ home, we decided to build our “dream” home. We signed a contract with a home builder who informed us the build time would be 7-8 months. What an exciting time!

We knew we would need to sell our old home in order to secure the lender financing and down payment requirement on our new home. We waited until after the holidays and New Year to list our home.

Within a few weeks, we received a full price offer from a qualified buyer with a 45-day closing date. That meant we would have 3-4 months of being in-between homes. We thought we would move our belongings in storage and find a furnished home to rent for our “in-between” time. That’s when the dream turned in to a nightmare.

“In this day and age of technology,
it shouldn’t be this hard.”

We searched and found numerous company websites that “advertised” furnished monthly (month to month) rentals with available homes for the time we needed only to find, after phone calls, e-mails, waiting, experiencing much frustration and aggravation, the homes shown were not available. We thought “in this day and age of technology, it shouldn’t be this hard.”

We set out to develop first built technology that would connect seasonal homeowners with months they do not use their home with those in need of a furnished monthly rental home. Our vision was to develop a tech platform that people in need could search homes ( view pictures, check up-to-date availability calendars, rental price) find one they like, book and pay for on a secure platform from the comfort of their couch using their cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Our goal was to make it as easy to book a furnished monthly rental home as it was to book a hotel room.

“As easy to book a furnished monthly rental
home as a hotel room.”

After working on developing this technology, a full year of researching the good, bad and ugly in alternative lodging platforms, we are pleased to introduce the Tweener Homes tech platform. We took the ease of booking concept while eliminating the negatives such as those companies who take no responsibility that homes shown are as advertised or depicted, or can attest that owners or guests who they claim to be, or that home is available the times needed.

Our Tweener certified homes have been personally inspected and pictures shown are taken by Tweener Homes. Home-ownership is verified and a full background check completed on all those wishing to rent. Stress-free for the tenants and for the owners. Rent payments can be done via ACH or credit card and are done on our secure payment processing platform the via tenant portal, quickly and easily from your computer, laptop, tablet or even cell. Owners are paid directly to their designated account with full access to monthly income statements and accounting via the owner’s portal.

The first-ever built tech product that combines stress-free, convenient searching and booking of monthly furnished rental homes for those in need and connecting them with owners who have months of unoccupied furnished homes and are able to make money those months instead of spending money. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Thank you for allowing us to tell you our story and to introduce you to Tweener Homes.

The Home You Need When You’re In Between!

Nick Calvi > FOUNDER, Agent/Broker


We have people who need your furnished home the months they are waiting on a new home to be built and for the in between
time people who sold and moved out of their old home before they can close and move into their new home.


They get a nice home to live in waiting to move into their new permanent home and you generate what is now unearned income.