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Give your home seller clients peace of mind they will have a “Tweener Certified Home” to move into the months between closing on their old home and closing on their new home. They will not be “homeless.”

Contact past buyers of seasonal AZ homes and let them know of the ability to rent their home out the months they are not using. They set the dates to rent and we take it from there. Help them generate a cash income the months they are not using their home and ensure their home’s long term value. You keep your clients while earning referral money. Also provides as a lead generation tool as a good time to talk to them about the metro Phoenix real estate market and ask them if they know anyone looking to purchase an AZ home.

“Good time to ask for referrals.”

Vacation rental investor clients may be interested to learn of a way to generate year-round income. They can earn peak rental income during prime time vacation season and monthly rental income in offseason to generate a year-round rental income stream.

Support Agent/Broker community. We’ve seen numerous times on Agent/Broker forums where one Agent/Broker has clients in need of a furnished monthly rental home and another Agent/Broker will tell them to go to popular and well-known vacation short term rental websites that neither engage nor support Agent/Brokers/Brokers.

Also, and this is a big one, under section ARS 32-2173 a property manager or entity that manages residential or commercial property for property owners and receives compensation for such activity must be licensed with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. There are a few licensing exemptions in the area of Arizona property management and covered in ARS 32-2121 ( which states that “a person who, on behalf of another, solicits, arranges, or accepts reservations or money, or both, for occupancies of thirty-one or fewer days. However these companies are soliciting through their website and distributing targeted e-mail marketing materials, advertising on behalf of the owner of properties, soliciting homeowners or renters, collecting trust funds (e.g., rents and security deposits), and charging a commission, which is based upon a variable percentage rate of the reservation amount (akin to a commission charged by a real estate licensee) in connection therewith. Did you catch that?


“without a real estate license for 31 days or more
is unlawful activity”

This is not just our opinion but professional opinion from person with extensive background in real estate and escrow including private sector, regulatory, and law enforcement experience and currently working as an independent Real Estate Compliance Consultant. Past experience as a special investigator at the California Department of Real Estate for 6 years investigating hundreds of complaints involving various violations of the Real Estate Law ranging from licensing compliance to real estate fraud and one of thirteen Subject Matter Experts, deemed an expert in real estate and escrow, selected to help develop real estate broker and salesperson exam contents and who wrote several published articles for DRE, three of which were co-authored with former California Real Estate Commissioner Wayne
S. Bell.

This unique and highly qualified expert reviewed what these popular short term online marketplace companies through their website are doing and opined “for periods of thirty-one (31) days or more, these companies appear to be performing services requiring a real estate license and would require Arizona Real Estate license per ARS 2122 and 2173. Conversely, if such services and activities are performed under these conditions by a non-licensed person, then, in my opinion, this would be considered unlawful activity in violation of ARS 32-2165 and R4-28-306. The complete analysis, qualifications, commentary and opinion letter can be found in the blog section. Click here for full analysis.


We have people who need your furnished home the months they are waiting on a new home to be built and for the in-between
time people who sold and moved out of their old home before they can close and move into their new home.


They get a nice home to live in waiting to move into their new permanent home and you generate what is now unearned income.